Spring Cleaning

Nature Flushes the Pond with Every Rain

The spring rains fill streams and rivers, which in turn flush out the lakes and ponds. This is nature’s way of preparing for a new season of life. Your man made water garden needs your help in order to duplicate this same process. Not doing a cleanout can cause poor water quality, disease, excessive algae growth, and the death of your fish.

Spring Cleaning Contract

  Every spring your water garden needs a complete cleaning/flushing for the health of the pond... AND IT'S SPRING CLEANING TIME AGAIN! Time to awaken your water garden from its winter slumber. This years cleanouts will start the first week of April and end in late May while the water temperature is still around 55 degrees. Early in the season is best as the water is still cool, the fish are still dormant, and your pond bacteria are still inactive. If we cleaned the pond when it gets warmer outside, we could kill most of the beneficial bacteria in your water garden slowing down the biological process. Most companies want to power wash all your rocks... but over the years we have found this to be too harsh on the biological system. We have a better way to protect the fish and your long term pond health...

#1 Remove the fish and plants and begin to drain your water feature. (We provide a holding tub for your fish)

#2 HOSE wash all rocks. As the water drains, the waste off the rocks and gravel base flush out through the pump being used to drain your feature.

#3 Replace any rocks, or gravel that may have settled out of place.

#4 Remove any leaves or debris from inside the water garden.

#5 Remove your skimmer, and filter pads and clean them. (Replace if necessary.. additional charges apply)

#6 Begin refilling pond. As feature is filled, we add chlorine and chloramine remover so the tap water is not harmful to your beautiful fish.

#7 Test all lights

While we believe anyone can do this maintenance... nobody really wants to. You are dealing with waste that has been putrifying all winter long and the smell will knock your socks off. What we can do in two or three hours would take a normal homeowner most of the day.. Our fee for this service is $55.00 per hour ... and you will be given a accurate estimate BEFORE we begin work.
We keep to our bids.

We provide this service at a first come, first serve basis, with our cleanouts ending by
the last week in May.